Monday 1 March 2010

1st March

First off, Happy St. Davids Day. I always remember this because today's my birthday. It's not a special one but it's been yucky because I've been off colour since Thursday. I've always suffered from sore throats being off school regularly up until I had my tonsils remmoved when I was about 8yrs old. I remember recovering quickly as my poor Dad had his taken out within weeks of me and he was groggy for weeks after.
I think my problem lies with working in school as some of our little ones who are going through what I did. My problem is that when I now get a sore throat all my glands go into over drive and end up like golf balls. My neck is so sore, ears, under arms and the tops of my legs. I feel so tired that I just sleep round the clock. Well I was off to see the Doctor on Staurday knowing that I needed antibiotics and started them straight away.They usually take a few days to kick in. So here I am, off work on my birthday a little fed up.
I opened my pressies yesterday as DD was home from Uni (she ws expecting us to go out for a slap up meal, didn't happen).
The thing that has made my day is that I managed to get the Tim Holtz pick of the week from QVC.
Hubby said this morning 'You must be ill you haven't made a card' and then went out with his mates from work who've been made redundant and have already finished.
I'm looking forward to feeling alot better tomorrow and going back to work.


judith@poppy cottage said...

Happy Birthday, love your big doggie picture! Hope you feel better soon, my daughter Megan had her tonsils out last year, and was so poorly with them, so we know all about sore throats in this house. She's 20, and as an adult, it hits you hard. Enjoy the rest of your day if you can, and enjoy your Tim Holtz goodies. Hugs, Judith x

veronica said...

happy birthday,hope tou feel better soon, and enjoy the TSV -am still working my way through the book in odd moments, have to admit I don't often like what he does, but I love the way he does it, if that makes sense

Kay said...

sooooooooooorry i forgot your birthday. tut tut you've bought some tim holtz goodies, i'm going to tell (lol) talk to you soon. kay.

Anonymous said...

Mother? Why Have you referred to me as "DD" on the internet? People can read this y'know?!