Monday 19 April 2010

Poor Archie

Archie's back legs have been stiffing up after we've been out for a walk so when we had a regular appointment at the vets they recommended an xray. He was fianlly sedated after a horse sized amount and they did the xray. The vet told us that they're not the best or worse that he's seen and told us e needs to loose alot of weight. Dad gives into these sad eyes far to much. I think cutting out most of the treats and not giving in at all. We've got him food recommended by the vets and thankfully he loves it (cost enough)
What a sad face.

I had a lovely suprise at work today, a friend I've made her wedding invites for sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I enjoyed making them and was really pleased with the results. Will post pics wen she's sent them all out.

I've been playing making flowers. Love them.

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