Monday 24 January 2011

A little bit of xmas a little bit late

I can't believe that xmas has been and gone so quickly. I was a little poorly at xmas and at the time it seemed a little fuzzy. So here are a few bits and bobs I should have posted a while ago.
The putting up of the xmas tree, we bought a narrow tree a few years ago. It used to be like National Lampoons Xmas Vacation. lol

Xmas day at ours.
Amy and Jess having a whale of a time.

I spotted the little xmas trees in a large store and they are my take on them at a fraction of the cost. Surprising what you can do with a loo roll and some glitter card.

Have fun everyone

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ikki said...

Hi Debbie, how nice to see your familiy - looks like you had a fun time with the girls. Your table look great - love your name plates and trees - great idea, must remember to save a few loo rolls. Hope things are going well with you. ikki x