Saturday 9 June 2012

Mini Break

The weather has certainly not been on it's best behaviour this week so being British most people just carry on with there plans to get away for holidays. Last week we booked to stay in a hotel in Bamburg for one night and drive up early so we could stop off at Alnwick. It must have been 10 years ago with our children. We did all the Harry Potter stuff with them but only briefly walked around the newly planted gardens. My hubby had packed all his camera equipment so he could take lots of photographs. He has donated his older camera to me and we were so lucky that the rain held off while we walked around the well established gardens. I clicked merrily away while he went into David Bailey mode. These walkways have grown so much since we were there years ago. Hidden fountains of water. Poppies of all colours that were clinging onto their petals through the down pours of rain. I love the purple pom poms of the Aliums. We travelled up to Bamburg dropped off our bags and spent hours walking on the beach, had a lovely meal out. I returned to the hotel and sat chatting with other guests and chatted till it started to get chilly. Brian was out until 11.00 taking photographs and he has taken some fabulous night shots. We thoroughly enjoyed our mini break and it's recharged the batteries for returning to work. Enjoy the damp weekend Debbie


Paula (PEP) said...

Thanks for sharing the photos - the colours of those poppies look amazing. Glad you managed to have a little break for yourselves despite the weather.
Paula (PEP)

Christine B. said...

Lovely photo's, loved the pics of all the lovely poppies. They are one of my favourite flowers.Hugs x ChrisB