Monday 15 June 2015

Her basket of Dreams

I spent Saturday with an amazing group of ladies who were taught by the truly talented Tracy Easson.
This is the room before we started.
I have always envied people who can draw faces well. Tracy taught the group of 21 to achieve our goal. Some of the ladies were more confident than others and Tracy supported through the process. 
To say we all had the same teaching, tools and media, each canvas had it's own individuality.
I have fallen in love with drawing and painting these figures and will continue with confidence.
This is a girl I did on Sunday, she was my third attempt of the day.
I showed my hubby and he was impressed (as much as a crafters hubby can be) (very nice darling). So I bought a frame and she's sitting on my newly painted sideboard. I have a great love of pottering in the garden so included a few plant pots.
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Claire said...

wow they are both beautiful Debbie, sounds like a fab workshop
Claire xx

Anonymous said...

Debbie I am sitting here with a big smile on my face. It was a pleasure getting to know you... you and Sue both took such care of me ♡ your girl with her basket of dreams is beautiful , your pottering girl in that frame is whimsically wonderful and truly love her ( you know I love to potter out back or at the lottie too) happy scribbly doodle doodle doing. Big hugs xxxxxx