Thursday 31 December 2015

Sewing for pleasure with scraps

I found time to sort through my bits and bobs of fabric bag (ok bags). I find it difficult to throw away even the smallest scraps of fabric. I have admired the work of many artists who create collages with fabric so when I spotted a small plain lampshade decided it was time to have a go.  
It was great fun rummaging through the scraps of fabric and piecing them together to make a street. The trees and doors have tiny little buttons stitched on before attaching to the shade.

It looks so pretty lit up before bedtime. This is my first and I intend to make a couple more during the next year.

The two photos below were taken in 2014 of the Alter Cloth that I sewed for a local church. A group of children and local artist all worked on it and presented it from school to the church. I don't think I'll be doing such a large project for a while, sticking to smaller size projects for next year.
Happy New Year and thanks for visiting

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