Thursday 23 September 2010

Moving into rented accommadation

Sorry it's been a while since I last posted.
Update on DD moving to a rented house. I'm sure we'll laugh about it in years to come. She was so excited as the group of girls had chosen this house to live in (first very, very grown up decision). We started to unpack the car and hubby, Boyfriend and DD carried large amount of STUFF into the house. It's a massive victorian terrace. When I walked through the house and up the stairs I noticed it wasn't MY clean. All mums will understand. DD had been left with one of the two smallest bedrooms as the other girls were already there. We set about moving furniture for more space and more homely. She couldn't put any stuff into the wardrobes because it all needed to be washed out. Well I could go on for hours but won't.
I didn't sleep well Saturday, Sunday or Monday night so put it down to worrying. I phoned DD on Tuesday evening and she sounded much happier and the conversation began,'It's much better here now because the landlord has been today and removed the sofas and the full house has been DE-FLEEd. OMG I'm so angree as it had been evident that the house had had nothing done since the last students left. They had also had a cat. The girls have been out and bought cleaning products and have been cleaning to make it liveable. I'm sleeping a little better now.
I've been making cards like nobodys business. I love being back at work as a few of my friends ask me to make cards for them that are the cards they can't find in the shops. One has asked me to make a card for her parents golden wedding ann, sadly her dad only has a few weeks to live. Another is at a 50th birthday for a freind who has an aggresive brain tumor. These are tainted celebrations so I find it very rewarding when I can make a card fitting for the occasion.


judith@poppy cottage said...

Good to hear from you again Debbie, wondered where you were. Glad to hear DD is settling in well after a few hiccups! Cat fleas, not nice, my own moggy pristine in that department, and always been so, makes me shudder!
The cards sound sad, but it's good to be productive, especially if you are missing your Daughter. Judith xx

ikki said...

Hi, reading this brought back memories of our daughter's Uni days. Oh, dear!!!! I can empathize with your feelings. Mattresses on floors, no doors on bedrooms, NO fire alarms and Claire's room was in the attic! Slugs in the cellar, stray cats, and on and on. We found it hard, missed her badly - she coped, enjoyed the experience and grew into a very competent young women. In the end despite our fears it was worthwhile, and I'm sure your DD will do the same!
You have given her the strenth to venture out and find herself, and she will return to you in time loving you more because of the support you have given her. ikki xx