Wednesday 30 July 2008

I've been very busy, so here's a few more pics.

Where are the days going to

It's now Wednesday and I can't believe how quickly the days are flying. My hubby went off to work after his holes on Monday and I'd arranged with a friend to go and see a retired work friend. It was lovely to see her, have a coffee and chat. We headed back to mine and I did a little holiday preperation to J's hair.

Tuesday my daughter and I went to return what was becoming a nightmare power washer to the local supermarket. (I was surprised we were successful). Then it was off to the flicks. Amy and I giggled all the way through at Julie Walters. Mama Mia is a girly flick and I think when it is released it will be a definate purchase. In between this I recieved some new stamps and a new cartridge for my cricut. The stamps are by a designer called Janet Roberts and are brill. Well I'm going to make a few more cards in between putting out the washing.

Sunday 27 July 2008

Days so far

Went to the incinerator thursday (think i should now have my own parking space). Friday we had a lovely day in sunny Scarborough and found a craft shop (Hurray). Saturday off to shop for bedroom curtains and found some. Went out for a drink at the local. Don't do that enough.

Off work for the school hols

I've decided to try and keep track of the days during the hols posting something every day.