Saturday 28 February 2009

Birthday pressies

Tomorrow is my birthday and my darling son keeps reminding me I'm getting old, a good job I have a sense of humour because he's said it so many times now I could kill him. I'd arranged with two friends to do a cuttlebug workshop at Graphicus, so my DH paid for it and gave me some money to spend. We had a lovely day and Annette who demo'd taught us some nifty tricks. I wasn't going to buy the new Inktense pencils as I already have a few sets of watercolours. We had the opportunity to play with them and I fell in love with them and the blender pencil. Bought a beautiful flower stamp plate and have started playing. Can't wait to open my cards tomorrow. Also a couple of other cards made during the week.

Wednesday 18 February 2009

Playing with my new stamps

I bought some Ikea storage boxes and after the trauma of hubby putting them together I sprayed them with inks. Then I've stamped them with the Graphicus daisy harlequin theme plate. I have just finished painting the skirtingboards in the hall and staircase. The B&Q paint pots were recycled by covering them in a paper I didn't want to part with. Great storage. I'm going to recycle a few more and put gifts in them. They are plastic and I've kept the lids. I spotted the idea over on a few American sites so can't claim the idea as original.

Trying to gain space

I'm very lucky to have a craft room but as my hobby has grown space is an issue. We've thought about a shed in the garden but I would feel isolated and probably cold down there. Converting the loft but my son wasn't to pleased with the thought of me going up there through his bedroom. So for now we've added more cupboards and rejigged them to give me more work top space. The disadvantage of doing this is that my hubby has seen how big my stash is. He was very good and did'nt grumble to much. I was relieved he didn't have a calculator in his hand.

Monday 16 February 2009

A few things I added to my stash

At the weekend I bought a few new goodies. Popped into Graphicus on Saturday and bought the daisy / harlequin theme plate. I love the flourish corners.

Thursday 12 February 2009

I thought these verses were so nice they deserved to be on the front of the card.

Just a few pics of some more cards, made after a very frustrating day. I thought I'd lost my mojo for a while.

Sunday 8 February 2009

Just a few more.

New sink

Strange title I hear you say, this deserves a major title as my DH decided we needed a vanity unit in the bathroom. The short story is he's an electrician and not a plumber. When he announced early saturday morning that the waste pipe was leaking and there wasn't a beeping thing he could do about it, I imagined washing my feet while brushing my teeth. Well the upshot is that by 1.00 Sunday afternoon he was running water into the sink (no leaks in sight) I was rather relieved. I've kept out of the way working on a little project of my own and here are the pics.

Friday 6 February 2009

A busy week

Started off the week worrying about the weather. My dd had an audition at Manchester Met Uni on Wednesday and I was driving her down there. We were lucky to have a window in the weather and the travelling was much better than I expected. We arrived back home and I felt very proud as I've not done much long distance driving before. I've still found a little time to make a few cards as well as beading a new bracelet that I was given the pattern for, will add pic when the cameras got a few more pics on it.