Sunday 6 September 2020

Update and New Start

 For a long time I've dreamed about using what I'm passionate about my job. With such an unprecedented year and the way my health has been affected, it has had such an enormous impact on me. I am still pushing to been seen by health professionals to guide me through Bells Palsy. I have finally got through the first maze and hopefully will have appointments for an MRI, hearing check and physio to help build the muscles on the right side of my face.

So sitting at home for me is impossible and I certainly had no thoughts about retiring. I love to make. Whether that is sewing, stamping and colouring, painting, knitting or any other craft that inspires me. My family are so supportive and often on the receiving end of 'in a minute, I'm just finishing this.'

For the couple of weeks I've been making and would love to have a look and know your thoughts.

It's a 'Fresh Start' for me.

Debbie xx