Tuesday 16 March 2010

Sunday 14 March 2010

Printing text on to card

I usually print text on to cards using MS word programme. Type the text in when you've decided whether you are making the card landscape or potrait. I always select the centre on the tool bar. Play for a while postioning using enter, backspace and spacebar. Hope this helps.

Monday 1 March 2010

1st March

First off, Happy St. Davids Day. I always remember this because today's my birthday. It's not a special one but it's been yucky because I've been off colour since Thursday. I've always suffered from sore throats being off school regularly up until I had my tonsils remmoved when I was about 8yrs old. I remember recovering quickly as my poor Dad had his taken out within weeks of me and he was groggy for weeks after.
I think my problem lies with working in school as some of our little ones who are going through what I did. My problem is that when I now get a sore throat all my glands go into over drive and end up like golf balls. My neck is so sore, ears, under arms and the tops of my legs. I feel so tired that I just sleep round the clock. Well I was off to see the Doctor on Staurday knowing that I needed antibiotics and started them straight away.They usually take a few days to kick in. So here I am, off work on my birthday a little fed up.
I opened my pressies yesterday as DD was home from Uni (she ws expecting us to go out for a slap up meal, didn't happen).
The thing that has made my day is that I managed to get the Tim Holtz pick of the week from QVC.
Hubby said this morning 'You must be ill you haven't made a card' and then went out with his mates from work who've been made redundant and have already finished.
I'm looking forward to feeling alot better tomorrow and going back to work.