Friday 5 December 2008

A few more pics.

The backing paper is waste from a friend who was marbling with a group of children at school, the magpie effect set in. A first xmas card for the lollipop ladies Grandson turned into a mini book. My first attempt at a book. I used the Joanna Sheen messy rabbits. I'm taking it into school to raffle. And my first attempt at a candle, I suspect there will be more (loved the process).

Nearly Xmas

I've been so busy with work and card making I've not had ome to blog. Taken lots and lots of pics, will start to post some of them.

Monday 29 September 2008

Gosh soooooo long

Needed to catch up. Back at work and very busy.
A couple of my Harrogate purchases

Thursday 14 August 2008

catching up

Well second time trying to post,

Thurs peek a boo cardat class and friday we were off to the dentist and made engagement cards.

Saturday - helped Amy make an 18th birthday present.

Sunday- digging out thesilicone and grout from the shower - a deffinate health hazzard.

Monday - shopping after Bri had been to the dentist.

Tuesday - went off to meet Barbara to talk cards and to show her how to make bottle top xmas tree (got a lovely bouqet of flowers from her.

Wednesday - recovered chair in our bedroom and hoovered and dusted, I'll do anything to aviod the ironing. Exam results tomorrow. AAAArrrgggghhhh. Poor Amy and Sam.

Wednesday 6 August 2008

I managed to make a couple of cards yesterday.

Wednesday 5th August

Yesterday was a busy day, hairdressing in the morning at a friends, then off to deliver some cards at my friends house who has an endless amount of friends, who actually love my cards. She is one of those Saintly Ladies who will always be there for you, whatever your need is she'll try and help. After my visit it was off to place money into my daughters hand for a driving lesson, prepare tea, jewellery class, finish off mornings hairdressing, take Sam (my daughters boyfriend home and finally sit down at 10.00. At 10.30 my ever enduring hubby went to bed.

Here's some pics of the hidden gems that were found in the garden.

Monday 4 August 2008

Sorry forgot !!!

This is my1st attempt to link to another site (my little world has been very quiet so far).

There is blog candy up for grabs on Pink Gems bolg page.

Janet Roberts is a talented artist, the quality and conent of her stamps is beautiful. Good luck.

Catching up with the days

On Saturday I was very selfish and took hubby and Amy to Gateshead flower festival. I'll post some pics later, the displays are out of this world. Craft section leaves me thinking why didn't I enter something.

Sunday was spent catching up with the ironing and inserts. I'd rather be doing something else than ironing and I'd rather be making cards than inserting. My very dear friend needed a little support as her Grandad, (who lived with her) died last week. She's finding it hard as they were very close. He was a man who was loved very much by all his family. Had a little drink with her last night.

Monday. Today is my hubbies birthday. Made and bought him cards as he doesn't recieve many. We've been bowling and to pizza hut, (advantage of having older kids is they don't throw tantrums any more when they get beaten). Well going to finish off inserts now.

Saturday 2 August 2008

Friday 1st August.

There was an awful thunder storm last night. Was awake for most of it. Amy had a driving lesson it's her second 2 hour session. She seems a little more relaxed. Went over to teesside park and booked bowling for monday as it's bri's b'day. Ordered bits and bob's from mad about as i had a 5 pound voucher. Amy was out with Sam at another 18th. Watched BB and picked her up later. I'm making Jayne N M cards at the moment, loving the results.


Was quiet in the house. Stripped the kids beds it was a lovely morning. I spent most of the day sticking up those stupid fly stopping stringy things at the doors. Driven to distraction by beep beep flies. Off to card class to make a waterfall card. Prepared the flowers on my cricut before i went. I was pleased with the results.

Busy, Busy, Busy

Wednesday. In brief we had a day of gardening, cleaning and card making. Hubby was on nights so didn't feel guilty for sitting making cards.

Wednesday 30 July 2008

I've been very busy, so here's a few more pics.