Monday 4 August 2008

Catching up with the days

On Saturday I was very selfish and took hubby and Amy to Gateshead flower festival. I'll post some pics later, the displays are out of this world. Craft section leaves me thinking why didn't I enter something.

Sunday was spent catching up with the ironing and inserts. I'd rather be doing something else than ironing and I'd rather be making cards than inserting. My very dear friend needed a little support as her Grandad, (who lived with her) died last week. She's finding it hard as they were very close. He was a man who was loved very much by all his family. Had a little drink with her last night.

Monday. Today is my hubbies birthday. Made and bought him cards as he doesn't recieve many. We've been bowling and to pizza hut, (advantage of having older kids is they don't throw tantrums any more when they get beaten). Well going to finish off inserts now.

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