Thursday 7 May 2009

Early mornings

Our new addition is waking early in the morning (5.30). It's fine when your not at work but draining when your working and the school behind you is being rebuilt. The builders were working till 11.30 last night and then started again at 5.30 this morning. I'll describe the noise as someone mowing the lawn in your front garden and the window is cracked open. Lovely huh. I'm not the best of sleepers and my sons in the back bedroom which is nearer to them. He's got GCSEs starting today. Not good. I'll be speaking to someone today to try and find out if this is legal as I think this is going to be wearing if it's long term. Well a lighter note, we took Archie out for his first proper walk on Sunday and he was well behaved. Work has been busy and a friend asked me to make a couple of cards that she needed within days. I've felt pressured to get them done. Don't mind a little pressure but not when tired.

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