Wednesday 19 August 2009

Fed up

Two weeks ago I woke up with a swollen knee. I thought 'oh no' not again. Two years ago I my right knee locked and when it released there was a sickening pop. Should have gone to the docs straight away but thought (like we all do) it'll be alright. After a scan on my leg I found out that I'd had a Bakers Cyst that had ruptured. It took weeks for the fluid to clear from my knee and ankle. Very sore.
So two weeks ago we took the dog out for a good walk on the Saturday everything was fine, then Sunday my knee swelled up. Off I went to the Docs when my ankle was filling. It's a pain because I get up on a morning and I can feel my ankle bone but by lunch time it's sore and swollen. Fortunately I'm off work at the moment. So I've been making a few cards. Here are a few.
I'm also biting my nails as Amy recieves her A level results tomorrow with her boyfriend(everything crossed) and Jack his GCSEs next week.
Inspired by the team at Graphicus

A good friend was retiring from work, I didn't want to make a big card so I made 40 small ones so everybody could write a message.

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