Friday 11 September 2015

My Artwork on Display in an Art Gallery

I am really fortunate to be included on our schools annual educational visit to London. We visit many of the wonderful tourist attraction and take in a show. The British Museum to see the Egyptian exhibition, the theatre to watch Matilda, a trip along the Thames and the London Eye.
The best part of the visit for me is the Tate Britain. I have been four times now and admire many of the artwork and some of it puzzles me. I understand that art comes in all forms but some of it I think the children I work with could produce better.
I feel very strongly that many, many friends and acquaintances have in the past been told, usually be a teacher, that they are not good at art. Everybody can produce art if they are shown the techniques and tools to do it.

I had an idea a few weeks ago to take a couple of my pieces that I made recently with me and with a lot of stealth and eagle eyes (looking for the guards)

This is my favourite photo as it is in front of a Brigit Riley who I greatly admire her work, it satisfies my maths brain.

I did warn the leaders of our group that I may be carted out of the gallery, fortunately everything went smoothly. I'm sitting thinking how cheeky but how many living people have displayed at the Tate with me (insert smiley face)
Many thanks for visiting


Rebecca said...

Cool you should approach them to do it officially as an educational lesson if course to show kids that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and work. Great images tho 😃
Happy craftin

Flo Langley said...

Flo x