Saturday 24 April 2010

The day goes swimmingly

Glenda is bearing gifts over at pop over and take a look.

Well what a week. We've been really busy at work with 5 members of staff stranded around the world due to the volcano dust. We took Archie back to the veets as he's limping now which he wasn't before his xray last Friday. We think it's due to being pulled arounnd trying to get a good xray. We took him to the vets on Thursday and he is taking anti-inflamatories.After speaking to Lynn R H last weekend we popped to the local hydrotherapy pool and Archie went for his first swim. He wasn't keen but did very well. He has been a little better but we were told that he'd probably stiffen up tomorrow. We will definately take him again next week.


Effie said...

8th May!.........Details on UKS

Effie said...

Hi... what's your UKS name... and I'll Pm you