Sunday 14 June 2020

1 week on

 Last week I didn't realise how the effect of this condition would impact on my everyday life. I am still being positive that I will make a full recovery but if anything it won't be as quick as I hoped.

My phrase of the week was, 'This shouldn't have happen to me'

Sunday, a week ago putting eye drops in to lubricate my right eye was a form of torture, stinging and burning. So after a phone call to 111 they needed to stop until speaking to GP.

Monday, antibiotic eye drops and oral medication for thrush arrived with lots of relief. Steroids are wonderful things but do carry side effects. First of my beautiful flowers arrived and they were much appreciated.

Tuesday, the reality of eating with only a tiny amount of my taste buds working and only half my mouth doing what my brain tells it how to work. You can't survive on soup and rice pudding. Everything has been cut into tiny little pieces for fear of choking. More beautiful flowers and cards arrived which means so much.

Wednesday, the fly. We had a fly in the house and it seemed to follow me wherever I went. I know this because my super power at the moment is sound. If I could of caught it, it would have been a squashy end for it.

Thursday, a phone call to the GP again, who have been really helpful with as much advice they can give at a distance. The thought of being at work not being able to eat properly, no energy, sound or any louder noises, ear piercing, not being able to close my eye and dust, painful was just to much. On top of that how delicate my mental health is at the moment a sick note was advised. A couple of friends pointed me in the direction of a lady who is on the other side of the planet and her episode of facial palsy started within days of mine. Reading her social media posts she has been through it but is staying positive and said to get in touch if I wanted.

Friday, hubby finished work early which was lovely not to be on my own for so long.

Saturday, was a b****r of a day. Early wake up as usual and I hadn't slept well. Hubby was off to work at 6.45. My tummy just didn't feel right and I was having really hot flushes soon followed by stopping in the hallway and my legs giving way. The cool of the wooden floor felt good but not being able to get up not so good. Hubby found me and helped me to the settee. We decided he wouldn't go to work, thank goodness he didn't because there was another fainting session about an hour later. The rest of the day was spent on the settee. I'm pretty convinced the events of the morning were due to the finishing of the medication, I really don't want to experience that again.

Sunday, so far has been pretty steady and I'm hoping it will continue like this.

Tomorrow, will be a new start to exercises, carefully and positive thinking
Debbie xx

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