Monday 31 August 2020

A bend in the road

 Today is the last contracted day as a teaching assistant. The job I have loved for 25 years. It will feel really strange this week as my friends and colleagues go back to work. When I had my own children and they started at nursery I found that the learning they were gaining was so valuable. Learning through play, interaction with other children and adults was so valuable. This is where my passion for working with children started. I have worked with so many talented educators in schools and through art workshops and I still love the way that they share the teaching and knowledge.

Over the last 12 weeks I have learned that stress can have such a massive affect on your body. I have always considered myself to be strong and have coped in many challenging situations. My husband has been my rock, he has said the right thing at the right time, listened when I've needed to sound off my frustration and kept our sense of humour which is so important to us.

Facial Palsy isn't life limiting but is life changing and during these unprecedented times there are so many who have more urgent needs than me. I hope that the new normal will become easier for everyone.

I truly appreciate every message I've received, they have certainly kept me positive. I am so lucky to have so many fantastic friends. I had to shelve my crafting and sewing for a couple of weeks as I couldn't focus well enough. Crafting and making is such a therapy for me and I needed to get back to it. A couple of friends have faith in me and have helped nudge me back into my craftroom which I can never thank them enough for.

So this week will be a fresh start for me as retiring doesn't appeal to me yet.

Thanks for popping in

Debbie xx


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Sandma's Handmade Cards said...

Change is never easy for any of us but I hope that this new chapter in your life will be a happy one, you’ve earned it. I worked as a TA for ten years and I loved every minute of it, so I understand that it’s a hard job to leave. Just think of retirement are unlimited crafting time! ;) I too have recently finished work and my anxiety around it was how I would fill my time but so far, so good. Take care and I wish you all the very best x